Bag'O Homos

Alyssa,lesbian,art,pisces, pursuit of skinnyXx inside this bag of Rainbow munching lesbians i post whatever the fuck i want. 98.9% follow back. I do not promote self harm or eating disorders I am simply trying to cope with mine by posting on this blog. visit my bowtique blog

About me

To start, my name is Alyssa Shae Mckinley. My birthday is February 25th so I’m a pisces. I am a nut for astrology and all that jazz. 100% rug muncher<3 ;] but sorry ladies i’m engaged. I originate in Orlando Florida but now reside in Surprise Arizona. I don’t like arizona much because in the summer I get sick in the heat. I have Lupus, arthritis, severe depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Bulimia, Anorexia, Asthma, Allergic to 17 different trees and pretty much everything to do with outdoors, several forms of severe OCD, So I guess you could say im pretty fucked up but I try to make the best of it. Major pot head I smoke to forget everything. I am strongly passionate about art but strive to be a hospice nurse someday and currently work as a hospice volunteer. I like to lay outside and stargaze with a glass of wine preferably with a pretty woman or alone. Thats pretty much it.