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Time to myself means time to look closely at my skin and see every scar and remember when and why they were done. My thighs have so many scars overlapping eachother but the thicker scars stand out. They tell a tale of how I was so desperate to feel something, to stop feeling anything, to punish myself. They show how bad cutting gets and how much you really have to hate yourself to do this. Just random thoughts though.








my mom finally bought a toaster

why did this get notes

we’re happy for you

its just a toaster

Actually it is more than just a toaster; it is a short story.
“Finally” denotes anticipation.
“My mom” is character development: you have a mom.
“Bought a toaster” is the clear resolution of the story.

It speaks volumes.

its just a toaster

Don’t say that

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Guess my tits are going to be even more scarred. Bathing suit season so cuts only where they can’t be seen.

unofficialsherlockian asked: You didn't fail, you just have to do better the next time you go for recovery. Hang in there

Recovery is a heartless bitch

I gave in

I purged my favorite food and cut myself for the first time in months I can’t help but want to die. I failed myself, not only myself but everyone who was proud of me for taking on recovery.

Oh my god hold the guacamole I’m buying myself a laptop I deserve it. I’ll probably make a new blog too I feel like I’m talking to myself 90% of the time on here.

I got an hour of sleep

Then Megan came home and scared the shit out of me lol. I can’t stand waking up in someones house from babysitting it always scares the shit out of me. anyways I get a vacation of sorts out of this since I’m going to Texas to with them to watch her kid. Get to stay at the beach for a while woohoo. I like babysitting over a regular job kids are so much simpler, when their not trying to stab me. That happened, yes that happened you know those fucking knives went up on the tallest shelf right after that lol.